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Annual Exciting Events in La Mesa in La Mesa

Events in La Mesa

La Mesa is home to numerous community events. It’s located just east of San Diego and is known for its vibrant neighborhoods and distinct architectural styles. From mid-century modern designs to Craftsman and Spanish Revival influences, the city showcases a diverse blend of architectural aesthetics.

If you are interested in some events in La Mesa Here are some of La Mesa’s most well-known annual events, and for sure there is a lot to do in La Mesa.

events in la mesa

Farmer's market

There is a farmer’s market in La Mesa Village every Friday afternoon

Flag Day Parade

On June 14, 1997, with the help of Councilmember Ruth Sterling, the City of La Mesa inaugurated its First Annual Flag Day Parade.

La Mesa Walkway of the Stars

The “Walkway of the Stars” is a pedestrian walkway that has been transformed into an urban park in downtown La Mesa. The vision for a place to recognize La Mesa’s extraordinary volunteers was provided by Councilmember Ruth Sterling. The park’s theme honors the city’s outstanding volunteers who have provided 10,000 or more hours of service to the city of La Mesa. “Walkway of the Stars” is located between the Allison Avenue municipal parking lot and La Mesa Boulevard.


Oktoberfest is one of the popular events in La Mesa. At the beginning of each October, La Mesa holds its biggest event of the year, Oktoberfest, attended by approximately 200,000 people over the three nights of the event.

Back to the 50s Car Show

The Back to the ’50s Car Show is an annual summer event where classic car enthusiasts come to display their vehicles. The event is held every Thursday evening during the months of June through August in La Mesa Village along La Mesa Boulevard. Admission to the event is free.

Sundays At Six

Sundays At Six is a free concert series that is offered every year in the months of June and July. For six Sundays, free concerts are performed in Harry Griffen Park from 6pm to 7pm. The concerts began in 2002 after being conceived by then-city councilman Mark Arapostathis and assistant city manager Yvonne Garrett along with members of the community. They are organized by the La Mesa Arts Alliance and sponsored by the Boys & Girls Clubs of East County Foundation.

Other events in La Mesa

Other annual events in La Mesa include Christmas in the Village and Trick-or-Treating in La Mesa Village, There are always a lot of  activities at the Labor Day weekend

Grossmont Center

The city’s major mall, Grossmont Center, opened by the Cushman Family in 1961. In 2021, Grossmont Center was purchased from the Cushman Family by Federal Realty Trust, which valued the shopping center at $175 Million and plans to redevelop and modernize the 925,000 square-foot property

Alternative media

The original offices of The San Diego Door, a popular underground newspaper of the 1960s, were located in La Mesa at 7053 University Avenue.


La Mesa, a vibrant city in Southern California, boasts a lively calendar of events year-round. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy a variety of events in La Mesa, from the popular La Mesa Farmers Market, showcasing local produce and artisan goods, to the enchanting sights and sounds of the La Mesa Walkway of the Stars. The city also hosts an array of community festivals, art exhibitions, and cultural celebrations that reflect its rich diversity and welcoming spirit. 

Whether it’s the summer car shows, holiday parades, or live music performances at the enchanting Harry Griffen Park Amphitheater, there’s always something happening in La Mesa to bring the community together and create lasting memories.

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