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How To Maximize Personal Injury Compensation

Personal Injury Compensation

It happens in an instant. You’re driving, eyes on the road, two hands on the steering wheel when another vehicle recklessly collides into yours. Panic, fear, and pain radiate through your body. What do you do!?

Call the police and make sure they file a report. While a police report is not the only factor in determining liability when it comes to filing a claim with the insurance companies, it does help. The police officers at the scene will provide you with a police report number or preliminary police report, hold onto this for your records so that you can check on the police report if necessary. Exchange information with the other party to file a claim with their insurance company. Most of the time the police officer(s) at the scene will assist in the exchange of information.

If you are injured, go to the hospital. It is best to take an ambulance from the scene of the accident if you are not well enough to drive yourself to the emergency department. When talking to medical personal, express whatever pain that you are feeling and let them know that your visit is due to a motor vehicle accident. If you are unable to work due to physical injuries as a result of the motor vehicle accident, do not work. If a doctor evaluates you post motor vehicle accident and recommends that you do not work, do not work. Obtain a letter from your doctor stating that you may not work and the date in which you may return to work. You may be able to provide this as proof to the insurance company to recover loss of earnings.

Follow the advice of medical personal. It is important to follow through with acceptable treatment to get you back to normal after a motor vehicle incident. While that may not always be possible, it is important that you try to work with your doctors to establish a treatment plan.

Most importantly, we’re here to help from beginning to end.

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